5 Bottoms You Should Always Have In Your Closet – And How to Style Them

Do you have a lot of clothes in your closet, but only find about two to three pieces that you really like to wear? Or are you planning on going shopping for timeless wardrobe essentials that will give you the most bang for your buck? Here are the five most versatile bottoms that you should own, and how you can style them to suit every type of occasion. Plus, there are tips below on when to wash your clothes so you can take care of your garments better and make them last longer.

Comfy Shorts. A pair of chic shorts makes you feel laid-back and comfortable enough for casual gatherings, but can easily be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories. If you are going to be lounging by the pool or beach, wearing a pair of denim cut-offs over your bikini lends just the right amount of function and style; a pair of lacey shorts will also do the trick. Or if you are going to a party, try wearing high-waist shorts over a button-down to achieve that equal-parts-serious-and-equal-parts-fun look.

Blue Jeans. The classic blue jeans never go out of style and you can totally pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether you are in the office, a school, or at an important event, a pair of blue jeans that hugs your figure and flatters your assets is a great wardrobe investment. Wear it with a chic top for a date with your man or a night out with your friends. Going to a meeting at school or at work? A blouse worn with a structured blazer and classic pumps with your jeans will give you a smart, polished look.

A-Line Skirt. A denim A-line skirt works well for various body types – don’t shy away from it just because you have an athletic build, or you think that it will not complement your petite figure. During lazy days when you don’t feel like putting together a marvelous ensemble, just wear an A-line denim skirt with a graphic tee and white sneakers for an effortlessly casual but chic look. Or if you are feeling sexy and would like to flaunt your shoulders, pairing this skirt with a camisole or a spaghetti-strap top in neutral colors will give you a subtly sexy look.

Glam trousers. For semi-formal gatherings, or on days when you don’t want to wear a pair of jeans (admit it, you just want something soft and loose but also hugs your body shape in the right places), a pair of structured, elegant trousers will do. It gives off that downtown chic vibe, but you can still have fun with it using different colors and prints. For two different looks in just one trouser, tuck in a sleeveless button-down with it during the day, and transition into a pair a short-sleeved turtleneck at night for an elegant yet comfortable look.

Pencil skirt. As an alternative to the A-line skirt, you can also opt for the more serious and more slimming pencil skirt. This bottom will show off your curves if you wear it with confidence. If your hips are wide and you want to conceal that, wear a pencil skirt in a solid color. If you have wide shoulders and would like to give the illusion of wider hips, choose a skirt with different patterns. If you want to create a curvy effect, wear a fitting top with your pencil skirt and accentuate your hips with a belt to create an hourglass figure.


Tip: When to Wash Your Clothes

Jackets and Coats: Since jackets and coats are made of thicker material and are worn on the outside, they do not require immediate washing. You can wash them after two to three weeks up to a month.

Jeans and Pants: Most jean manufacturers recommend on washing your pants as seldom as possible to maintain its shape and color. However, since dust can accumulate on the fabric and might irritate your skin, you can wash your jeans after two to three uses.

Blouses and Tops: Depending on the kind of day you had, you can wash your top after one to two uses. It also depends whether you went outside a lot and got exposed to dust, smoke, and sweat, or just had a quick appointment to make.

Nightwear and Pajamas: Since you change into your pajamas after taking a shower before going to sleep, you can wash it after four to five uses since all you do whenever you wear them is sleep.

Underwear and Sportswear: These kinds of garments should be washed immediately after using. Your underwear is worn on the most sensitive areas in your body, and your sportswear soaks all the sweat after you work out. Keeping these squeaky clean will also keep you from diseases.


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