Too faced Chocolate Bar Palette VS Too faced Sweet Peach Palette

Today I would like to talk about two of the most beautiful palettes that Too Faced has released.


The Too Faced original chocolate bar palette was launched back in 2013. Everybody loves and raves about this palette. It’s one of the best palettes in the market, even after 4 years of release, it still sells out. If you are a makeup lover the Too Faced chocolate bar palette is a must. It has such nice variety of colors, it’s slim and has hard case so it’s travel friendly as well. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette comes with 14 eye shadows and 2 highlight shades, all made with 100% natural cocoa powder, so it smells delicious. The shadows are pigmented and blendable. The color selection is very nice; you could do many different looks with this palette. You have your highlights, crease color, natural everyday shades, pop of color and some darker shades for your outer corner. When I’m traveling I only take this palette with me and I’m all set, I have all the colors to create day and night looks. It has minimum fallout and it last for hours, even when I don’t use primer; the color payoff is still phenomenal. The selections of color will suit every skin tone. It is hands down one of the best eyeshadow palettes that you could get. All on the side it smells like CHOCOLATE. I’m not sure if it tastes like chocolate, I haven’t tried it yet. 🙂

You could get your too faced Chocolate Bar Palette From Sephora Or Ulta.




The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette was launched early 2016, and it was sold out immediately. So many people that wanted this palette didn’t get it, so Too Faced brought this palette back in December. I got my Sweet Peach palette as a Christmas gift from my lovely coworker and I have been using it ever since. I could say that I’m in love with this palette. The packaging is similar to Too faced Chocolate bar palette. It’s slim and has that hard case. The sweet peach palette comes with 18 beautiful eye shadows. The color selection is unique, peachy corals, bronzy shades, purples and neutrals. All you need for a bombshell makeup look. If you’re looking forward to create a bronzy glowy look this is the palette to get. Just like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette the Sweet Peach palette shadows are pigmented and buttery. The shadows glide on your eyelids and the blend seamlessly. This Palette as you could guess smells like Peaches, which makes it even more Unique.

I’ve really been enjoying this palette. The shades are beautiful, and the shadows are very easy to work with for the most part. I highly recommend it to individuals who don’t really have any eye shadows and are looking for something leaning toward the warmer end of neutrals. If you are deciding to buy any of these palettes, I would recommend both. It only depends on your need and what you love. If you like a palette with more warm tones and neutrals, I would recommend the Chocolate bar palette. If you like a bronzy, peachy look then you should go for Sweet Peach palette. If you could splurge a little bit, then buy both of them. 🙂

You could get Your Too faced Sweet Peach Palette From Sephora or Ulta

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