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Hey guys! Showing you a few things I picked up recently. Stay tuned on instagram for the giveaway - I should have that post up no later than tomorrow with all the details. I'm @lamouretlamusique on there. And if you want to hear me talk about NOT shopping, here's the Anti-Haul video I did a few months ago and already have a list for an upcoming second one - if you have ideas/suggestions/questions about particular products you'd like me to consider Anti-hauling, please leave a comment!

Mercedes Doesn't Shop -

Products shown -
Hannes Dottir Mist
Glossier Boy Brow + Generation G Lip Tint
Honest Hazel Eye Gels
Chantecaille eyeliner brush
Reverie MARE
Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau (sample)
S├ęzane sandles
J Crew blazer
Brixton hat

A few "referral links" if you're so inclined (you get a deal, and I get points or a small commission; if you choose to shop through these links, I thank you very, very much!) -

To sign up for the Beauty Heroes subscription box:

20% off your first Glossier order!

To save 10% on Activist Skincare orders use code: LAMOUR

Everlane: One of my absolute favorite online clothing retailers with classic capsule-esque pieces, transparent pricing, and ethical business practices:

Vitacost: I usually place one big Vitacost order a month and can't live without them. If you'd like to save $10 off your first order:

EBATES: which I think it such an amazing program if you do a lot of online shopping:

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Where else to find me:


instagram @lamouretlamusique


twitter @lamourmercedes

email [email protected]

Facebook Group: Search for Vert Nouveau!

What I'm wearing -
Nails - Trust Fund Money Buys Happiness
Lips - Glossier Zip + RMS Sacred
Bracelet - Young Frankk cuff
Necklace - Dog Eared

Filming equipment -
Canon Rebel t6i + 18-55mm lens

Disclaimer and a word on integrity: All products I talk about here on L'Amour et la Musique are purchased with my own money, unless I explicitly mention that it was gifted from a brand. I will ALWAYS be fully transparent about any products given to me for review, that I did not seek out or purchase of my own accord. It is one of the biggest issues I have with YouTube - that many bloggers and YouTubers have just become a means to market products. That's not why I do this. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I strongly value honesty and integrity in real life and here on YouTube.
*Products marked with an asterix were gifted from the brand
*Some links may be affiliate links
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2 WeekDiet
2 WeekDiet
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