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Superwowstyle and DIY crafts! Did you expect?

Nah! Neither did I! But these bling shoes were a DIY fashion that I simply could not resist when I realized what potential these old shoes have. the shoes decoration just had to happen once the idea hit my head!

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If you like this, do feel free to make requests for more fashion ideas, accessories, or such DIY videos on clothes, etc!


You will need:

1. Your old shoes (clean them up well, as explained in the video)
2. Crystals, rhinestones or glitter (use any one or in combination - your choice!)
3. Body Spray
4. Old cloth
5. Craft glue (or stronger glue if you are sure of not making mistakes)
6. Top coat polish
7. Q-tips
8. Toothpick
9. Thin brush
10. Water based color

Designing time for one shoe (less than 40 minutes)

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