Top 10 spring and summer lipstick

These are my current affordable top ten spring and summer lipsticks .

I love my nudes and neutrals but With spring coming up i like to get out of my comfort zone and try some bold colors .  Reds, oranges and hot pinks are my go to colors this spring . There are many great affordable options at the drug store , specially now that drugstore is stepping up their game and they are coming out many great products. I chose 8 lipsticks from drugstore and 2 from mac cosmetics . You gotta have 1 or 2 mac lipsticks in your top 10 right !

I will list my top 10 affordable drugstore lipsticks down below . I’m sure all of you guys know how to find these lipsticks but i will include links as well. If you just click on the name of the lipstick in BOLD it will take you to the store that you can buy the lipsticks.

  1. The fist color that i chose is from essence cosmetics . You can find essence cosmetics and target . These lipstick is super affordable and besides being affordable its super creamy and pigmented . Its not a lipstick that will stay on for hours but it feels very nice on the lips . i chose the color Natural Beauty 
  2. The second lipstick that i chose is from Mac . I know mac is not affordable but i love this color so much I had to include it in this Top 10 . This is a great color but I don’t see many people talking about it . Its one of macs luster finish lipsticks and as you know it feels very moisturizing on lips . The color that I chose is Lustering
  3. The Third lipstick that i chose is From NYX cosmetics . Its one the Matt finish lipsticks . As we know NYX is one the affordable yet great brands out there . I chose on the matte  finish and the color is called  Angel
  4. The forth lipstick that i choose is from bhcosmetics . Its super affordable and intensely pigmented . Bhcosmetics is one the brands that I’ve been using for years , besides great lipsticks they have great eye shadows as well . The lipstick that i choose is called Coral Escape .
  5. The fifth color that I choose is from NYC . This lipsticks very hydrating and it glides on the lips like butter. The color is called Velvety Fuchsia .
  6. The next lipstick is from one my favorite brands . I chose Milani cosmetics Lipstick in color Flamingo Pose for my sixth place . I think this is a discontinued lipstick but you can still find it on ebay or amazon .
  7. The seventh place i have Mac cosmetics Lipstick in All fired up . This in One of my most favorite lipsticks ever .  It has the perfect matte shade and the blue tone red makes your teeth super white.
  8. The eight color i chose is from ULTA and its the ULTA matte lip cream in the color LIVELY . Its one the best formula of liquid lipstick i have ever tried  .
  9. The ninth place goes to Maybelline Vivid matte liquid  lipstick in The color Fuchsia Ecstasy  .  The bold Hot pink is pop of color you need this summer .
  10. The Last color is again from Maybelline . This matte finish lipstick is so beautiful you need it in your life . Its matte but its not drying . The color that i choose is All Fired UP , and its a close Dupe for Macs Relentlessly red  😉
  11. This is just a speaciall nomeny beacuse i couldnt leave it out and not menteion it. Its Loreal Infallible® Pro-Last Lipcolor In Cerise .  This is Blod Beautiful orange lip color .


top 10 lipsticks

top 10 lipsticks  From left to right 




affordable lipstick

top 10 lipstick





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