13 Ways to Keep Up with New Fashion Trends

Read fashion publications. The best way to discover new fashion trends and learn how to put together classy outfits is to read fashion magazines, books, blogs, and websites. Fashion publications contain plenty of tutorials and how-tos for regular people trying to keep up with the new trends. Bloggers also give out tips on styling and may be more suited to your taste than scrolling through a high-end designer’s website, because most bloggers wear the outfits that they feature on regular days.

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Make use of social media. Your favorite celebrities, stylists, models, and designers use social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to contribute to news about the latest trends. Go to hashtag fashion and browse through photos for inspiration, and follow fashion icons whose style awes you.


Go window shopping. Malls and boutiques know about the new fashion trends and sell outfits that are cheaper and more wearable than high-end designer pieces you can find on runways. Looking at mannequins and window stores will tell you what’s on trend and what’s not.


Try online shopping. If you want to deter from the busy, crowded mall, you can opt for online shopping. It’s quick, convenient, and hassle-free. There are new fashion trends from small clothing businesses that are better than the ones found in malls and boutiques, so scouring online shops could also lead you to hidden fashion gems on the internet.

new fashion 2017

Brave through thrift stores. Another insanely cheap way of keeping up with new fashion trends? Buying your clothes at the thrift store! Most pieces in the thrift store are original designer clothes that the old owner has outgrown or clothes that were impulsively bought. Read about the latest trends in fashion websites and shop for your clothes at thrift stores. Being in style should not burn a hole through your pockets.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Timeless accessories complement any outfit, so picking ones are crucial. While keeping up with the new fashion trends and copying them is okay, adding your own personal touch to an outfit will give it more character and style.


Mix and match high-ends with street clothes. Pairing designer pieces with street clothes will make you look simple but elevated. Not only will it lend a touch of subtle sophistication to your outfit, it will also be an inexpensive way to follow new fashion trends by high-end brands.


Imitate other women. Sometimes, you don’t have to look at bloggers and celebrities all the time to know the latest trends. Look for regular women around you with a similar age and body build. See how they style themselves according to the latest trends and you just might get an inspiration from them.


Clear your closet. As much as possible, keep a minimal number of clothing if you want to constantly keep up with the new fashion trends. This will make way for seasonal clothes coming and going in your closet, plus some basic, versatile ones that can be worn year-round. Get rid of unworn clothes and start filling your closet with clothes you’d actually wear.


Be confident. A trendy outfit is wasted on a woman with no confidence. Wearing the new fashion trends will require confidence when you walk down the street or through the building with that great outfit you put together.


Fashion tip from Lady’s Fashions Boutique:

Watch Fashion Week. Influential fashion brands & designers hold fashion shows twice a year in different cities around the world. You can’t just easily attend the shows, but there are lots of inform but you will find lots of information, videos, pictures and written reviews after Fashion Week released by the fashion brands and designers showing off their upcoming fashion lines, bloggers, and news outlets.

If you would like to see video footage and pictures of a recent Fashion Week Style.com and Nowfashion.com are two places that are highly recommended.

When you see the fashion lines during Fashion Week, remember these are upcoming trends that you will be seeing in the next 3 to 6 months. Take notice of the colors, textures, and styles. Even if you cannot see yourself wearing a particular dress or pants you saw on the runway, remember that other brands will adjust their upcoming lines to reflect these trends. So, take note of what you do like because there will be more wearable versions you will see on the street and in stores in a next few months.

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Shop smartly. Buying few things instead of hoarding new stuff will make you change your shopping habits and allow you to shop smarter. It will also make you prevent impulsive buying – buying clothes that just sound great or look great but don’t fit great when you decide to wear them later on. Research on the best deals before you go shopping. Also, just because you’re in the mall doesn’t mean you have to buy something.


Explore new stores. Don’t close your mind on trying out new brands that you think are out of your taste. They might actually have unique pieces that you will love, so expand your repertoire and shop brands that are new to you. When shopping, always make sure that a clothing piece can match at least 3 pieces in your wardrobe or can be worn to at least 3 events or places.

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