How to Style Different Fashion Hats

Hats are more than just headwear that can shield you from the heat of the scorching sun – they are also fun accessories that can change the look of your outfit and upgrade it from a plain Jane look to downtown chic. The right kind of hat accentuates your facial features and draws attention to your face and hair. However, the wrong one can make you look sloppy and sometimes, like a jester (yikes!), which is why it is important to know how to style different fashion hats correctly.

Designer hats are quite pricey, but there are fashion hats in stores and boutiques that look just as chic as their expensive counterparts. If you are a no-frills type of woman who wants to invest in just a few timeless hats that will last for years, pick those in solid colors that can be mixed and matched with anything, such as black, brown, navy blue, white, and beige. It is also important to know which types of hats complement your face shape to know which hats look better on you and which do not.


Aside from knowing how to mix and match your outfits with different types of fashion that, anything will not look incredibly chic without one thing: confidence. So, wear that hat with your chin up and walk the streets with confidence! Here are the different types of fashion hats and how to style them.



Different Types of Fashion Hats



Baseball Cap. No, baseball caps aren’t just for your dad, grandpa, brother, or boyfriend. You can wear the baseball cap as a fashion hat too, if it does not make you look too boyish or sloppy. Even though you are not going to an actual baseball game, this type of hat lends a casual vibe to any outfit, and styling it the right way can give you that athletic-chic look.

The most common way to wear a baseball hat is by simply donning it with denim cut-offs, sneakers, and a graphic shirt or a baseball shirt. To achieve a girly yet casual look, wear a baseball hat with your sleeveless body-fitting dress and white sneakers. Choose cute baseball caps in girly or basic colors.

Fedora. People generally think of the fedora as a men’s accessory, but women can rock it as a fashion hat just as much as men can – maybe even better! Fedoras come in suede, silk, wool, felt, or straw. Channel your inner girl version of Bruno Mars by trying on his signature fedora: a short-brimmed hat with folded tops, sometimes with a silk ribbon around the base. It’s like the baby version of a cowboy hat, but chicer.

You can wear a fedora during your trip to the beach if you want to forego the usual wide-brimmed beach hat; just wear a soft, breezy cover up over your bikini and fedora. Or to achieve a glam, downtown look, wear a neutral colored fedora with perfect-fitting jeans, a boyfriend shirt, and a well-structured cardigan to avoid making your top look boxy.

Beanie. During the winter season, beanies provide warmth from the chilly weather and keeps your ears and your head comfortably snug. Although some women dislike the fact that it can mess your hair up, beanies are the perfect fashion hats for when you are too lazy to style your hair, you want to achieve that ‘just got out of the bed but still looking hellishly chic’ look, or you want to look like a model off-duty.

Beanies look amazing with fringed bangs and long, wavy hair. Wear a black leather jacket over your skinny jeans, or a denim jacket over shorts and boots plus a beanie that is loose at the end. To avoid having annoying static hair, make sure to moisturize your hair in the shower and dry it completely before wearing your beanie.

Beret. Gone were the days when only soldiers wore berets as a part of their uniform, or French painters wearing a beret at the streets of Paris. Berets have become a fashion hat as well, and is now a common sight at the runway. Just like the beanie, a beret also helps you achieve the model off-duty look but with a classier vibe.

To get that ultra-chic look, berets are best with side-swept, wavy hair and bangs. You can also weave your hair into a fishtail or side braid (the sloppier, the better!) before wearing your beret.

Chupalla. Admit it, you have never heard of this kind of fashion hat before, but you have probably seen this alot especially during summertime. The chupalla is a wide-brimmed hat that originated in Chile and is perfect for shielding your face from the heat of the sun, or just adding a modern look to your outfit.

During summer, you can pair a neutral-colored chupalla with a flowy maxi dress. Or you can also wear a Peter Pan collared dress that is cinched at the waist with a black chupalla for a subtly elegant look.

Different Fashion Hats

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