Tips and Trick on How to Style Summer Dresses

Summer is the perfect time to dress up easily because of the weather – the hot and humid weather calls for one of our closet favorites: summer dresses. Putting together a fabulous outfit might seem tiring, especially because of the weather, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking stylish and put-together despite wearing summer dresses.

Try our tips on how to style summer dresses so you’ll be ready to face summer in style.

style summer dresses

4 Kinds of Summer Dresses You Need

Sundress: Perfect for casual gatherings or daytime excursions, a sundress in bright colors and bold patterns is always a classic summertime staple. Wear a sundress in a comfortable and airy fabric such as cotton jersey. Alternately, you can wear a shift dress or an oversized shirtdress during the day.

Beach dress: A beach dress should be light and casual enough to let your skin breathe when you’re lounging by the sea, but should not compromise style. A cotton or lace beach dress will let you enjoy the salt and sunshine and still look fabulous. You can also pair it with denim shorts or wear it as a cover-up for your bikini.

Work dress: Who says you can’t wear summer dresses to work? You can still feel the summer vibe even if you’re stuck in the office with dresses in pastel colors and work-appropriate cuts. If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, pair it with a light cardigan and accentuate your hips with a belt to avoid looking boxy.

Maxi dress: Summer evenings can be too chilly for a sundress and at the same time too hot for layering with cardigans. The solution? A maxi dress that is sexy enough to not make you feel stuffy, but also long enough to cover you up from the chilly breeze. You can wear a scarf if it gets extra cold outside.

style summer dresses

Should I wear silk during the summer?

Silk is more expensive than other fabrics when it comes to summer dresses, and many women would say that it’s not worth wearing as a summer dress. However, investing in at least one silk dress will really go a long way, especially if it’s a classic cut that can be mixed ang matched with almost anything.

Most women would say that caring for a silk clothing is hard work because it is very high-maintenance as opposed to regular summer dresses that can easily be washed and worn. The good news is that dry cleaning is not the only solution when taking care of your silk summer dresses. You can hand-wash it carefully, and as long as you take good care of your clothing, it will surely last for plenty of years.

style summer dresses

Flaunt your best body parts

Summer dresses allow you to flaunt the body parts that you love best. Wear a strapless dress if you want to emphasize your shoulders; a short sundress will highlight your long legs (or create an illusion of being tall); a shift dress is perfect for a petite frame; and asymmetrical dresses will hug your curves in all the right places.



If you want to play it neutral with your clothing and wear simple and muted summer dresses, then you can channel summer’s bright and colorful vibe through accessories. Not only will it make your outfit more interesting, it will also create a subtle statement that screams stylish. Here are some of our recommended summer accessories:

Printed belt

Colorful scarf

Statement necklaces and rings

Bright shoes

Stylish bags

And of course, the number one accessory during summer: sunglasses. Not only does the right pair of sunglasses add a chic factor to your look, it also protects your eyes from the sun, preventing eye and skin complications. Wear the right sunglasses that is suited for your face shape.


Lace White Combination

Feeling extra feminine today? Wear a white dress in lacy fabrics. White is a cool, airy color to wear as a clothing during summer, and you can mix and match it with any accessory you have. Lace adds a feminine touch to your look and is a better alternative to denim shorts or cotton. Wear a white top with lace shorts, or a lacy dress topped with a light cardigan, then pair it with wedges or flats.


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