Dress Up in Just A Few Minutes – The Best Accessories and Outfits for Lazy Days

Admit it, there are days when you just want to put on the comfiest sweatpants and old college shirt you have while wearing your fuzzy slippers. However, lazy days are not an excuse to not dress up – you can still look chic and polished with even just a minimal effort. Here are some classic closet pieces and accessories that you should always have ready in case the need to dress up quick suddenly strikes.


Printed trousers. For days when you don’t want to wear those tight-fitting pants and crave the comfy feel of pajamas, wear a pair of dark-colored trousers in a vertically-striped print. It will make you look taller. Wear it during semi-formal gatherings or on days when you don’t want to wear a pair of jeans (admit it, you just want something soft and loose but also hugs your body shape in the right places), a pair of structured, elegant trousers will do. To dress up two different looks in just one trouser, tuck in a sleeveless button-down with it during the day, and transition into a pair a short-sleeved turtleneck at night for an elegant yet comfortable look.

Ballet flats. Ballet flats are the perfect choice for comfort without sacrificing style, and it dress up almost any outfit – whether it’s a flowy dress, pants and blouse combo, or casual chic. Black flats are a traditional option, while nude flats make your feet look slimmer, and red flats add a pop of color to your outfit.

Beret. Having a bad hair day? Not everybody has to know! Wear a beret over your side braid or curled tresses to hide that frizzy hair while still managing to dress up your look. Berets have become a fashion hat and are now a common sight at the runway. Just like the beanie, a beret also helps you achieve the model off-duty look but with a classier vibe. To get that ultra-chic look, berets are best with side-swept, wavy hair and bangs. You can also weave your hair into a fishtail or side braid (the sloppier, the better!) before wearing your beret.

A-Line Skirt. Dress up while still looking casually chic with an A-line skirt. A denim A-line skirt works well for various body types – don’t shy away from it just because you have an athletic build, or you think that it will not complement your petite figure. During lazy days when you don’t feel like putting together a marvelous ensemble, just wear an A-line denim skirt with a graphic tee and white sneakers for an effortlessly casual but chic look. Or if you are feeling sexy and would like to flaunt your shoulders, pairing this skirt with a camisole or a spaghetti-strap top in neutral colors will give you a subtly sexy look.

An elegant timepiece. You don’t need plenty of golds and baubles to dress up since an elegant timepiece will already complete your outfit. A stylish watch can both be a timepiece and an accessory, especially those in gold or silver with chain straps. And sometimes, an elegant timepiece is all you need to dress up for a formal event. If you want a less dressy version, a watch with brown leather straps looks just as sophisticated as well.

Shift dress. Nothing beats the timeless shift dress that you can dress up minimally to any of your scheduled events, whether it is something formal like a garden wedding, or simply a lunch date with your friends. You can just add a statement accessory or swipe on a red lipstick to change your look from simple to dress up. Plus, wearing a shift dress means that you don’t have to plan clothes for your top and bottom – simply slip on your dress and you’re good to go!

Lace Shorts. Wearing shorts can be comfortable and chic as well! Dress up your beach look with a pair of lace shorts that makes you feel laid-back and comfortable enough for casual gatherings, but can easily be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories. If you are going to be lounging by the pool or beach, wearing a pair of denim cut-offs over your bikini lends just the right amount of function and style; a pair of lacey shorts will also do the trick. Or if you are going to a party, try wearing high-waist shorts over a button-down to achieve that equal-parts-serious-and-equal-parts-fun look.

White button-down. The classic wardrobe essential that you must own can also be dressed up to during your lazy days since it is extremely versatile – you can easily dress up or down according to the occasion. Stay low-key but classy in a flowy button-down, jeans, and flats, or bring out your feminine side by pairing it with a fun, printed skirt. Or you can wear it over a tank top and denim cut-offs for a more casual look.

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