Top five Blushes

Hello everyone, today i decided to talk about my top five blushes . I will describe the colors and the reason why these blushes are my current favorite five

top five



  1. The First Blush out of my Top five blushes is The Balm cosmetics Hot MAMA blush . Hot MAMA is a peachy pink Blush with gold shimmer. I love to use this blush during summer . it gives your skin such a beautiful glow .  This blush is very pigmented and a little goes a long way , and It will suite many different skin tones .
  2. The second blush out of my Top Blushes is Milani Cosmetics Powder blush in TEA ROSE .  This blush has a beautiful packaging and the actual blush looks like a Rose.  Every time i want to use this blush I’m afraid that ill ruin it . This blush is all matte vibrant pink color. It has a decent amount of pigmentation .
  3. The third blush from my  Top Five is L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle Blush in cherubic Candide  which is a dusty rosy pink color . I believe This blush is discontinued but i had to mention it because the consistency of this blush is unlike any other . It is soft and silky and it glides on your skin . A little of this mousy blush is just enough for the most beautiful glow . Every time i know i have to wear my makeup for a long time i use this blush , because i know its going to stay on my skin and it wont budge .
  4. The forth blush from my Top Five Blushes is from Tarte Cosmetics blush In Daydream . I got this Blush around Christmas of 2014 in limited edition packaging . Before selecting this blush i didn’t know it was completely discontinued but unfortunately it is. This blush is a dusty rose color blush . This is one of the blushes that i always gravitate towards during colder months of the year . It has a cool  under tone to it that will match with many makeup looks . The closest dupe that i found is Tartes new Blush pallete  and the color Dream in that pallete .
  5. The last but not least my All time favorite Blush out of my Top five blushes is Milani cosmetics Baked Blush in Luminoso . This Blush is just so beautiful . It has the perfect amount of shimmer and it makes your cheeks glow . This blush is a peachy color with gold undertone . It will match many skin tones . I just cant say enough good things about this blush . You need it ! You need it now !!




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