How to Style Different Kinds of Women’s Fashion Rings

Women’s fashion rings can come in many different styles and shapes: geometric, simple bands, featherweight rings, cocktail rings, royal crests, and a whole lot more. Rings can simply be a fashion statement or a symbol with a much deeper meaning; there are purity rings, wedding rings, engagements rings, or promise rings. Either way, women’s rings are beautiful accessories that add a feminine, boho, or rocker vibe to a woman.

How to Size Rings


Use a ring-sizer. A ring is pretty much useless if it doesn’t fit you, right? To get the perfect size of your ring finger, use a ring-sizer which is a plastic sheet that has calibrations. Slide your finger into the ring-sizer and measure the diameter of your ring finger. Make sure that the women’s fashion ring fits you comfortably: it should be snug enough to stay around your finger but loose enough to be removed at the knuckle.

Measure your ring finger when it’s warm. Your fingers can shrink (although quite unnoticeable but still significant enough) when it is wet or when the temperature is cold. To get an accurate measurement of your finger so that the women’s fashion ring you will wear fits on perfectly, measure your ring finger during times when it is warm. Use properly-calibrated measuring devices, not strings, since these are inaccurate and could lead to ill-fitting women’s fashion rings.

Determine your ring size. The average women’s fashion ring size is 6 mm; if you feel uncomfortable wearing the size that you have measured, always go up a size larger. This is to make sure that the ring you will be wearing will not be ill-fitting. These are the following ring sizes:

Size 5 – 15.7mm

Size 6 – 16.5mm

Size 7 – 17.3mm

Size 8 – 18.2mm

Size 9 – 18.9mm

Size 10 – 19.8mm

Size 11 – 20.6mm

Size 12 – 21.3mm

Size 13 – 22.2mm


Resize your ring. In case it doesn’t fit, you can always have it resized at the store where you bought it, or at other jewelry stores – they’ll often do it for free. However, some women’s fashion rings that are made of tungsten can’t usually be resized.

Wear your ring on either hand. Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand, but with women’s fashion rings, you can wear it on either hand and stack lots of rings if you like. Some say that wearing a ring on the left hand symbolizes belief, character, and emotions, while wearing a ring on the right hand symbolizes activity and work.



What Ring to Wear on Which Finger

Small bands. Wear small bands on your pinky finger if your work entails you to use your fingers often and you feel that the ring causes a bit of disturbance.

Statement rings. Wear statement rings on your pinky finger, since astrologists say that this symbolizes persuasiveness. It also adds character to your look.

Wedding and engagement rings. Wear wedding and engagement rings on your ring finger, as is traditionally practiced.

Large rings. Wear women’s fashion rings that have big rhinestones or crests on your index finger. It is also thought to be a sign of wealth in some cultures.


How to Style Women’s Fashion Rings


Match it with your outfit. Wear rings that are appropriate to the outfit that you are wearing, as well as the color combination and other jewelries that you are also wearing. If you are wearing gold jewelry, it is best to wear gold women’s fashion rings as well. It should also complement the color of your outfit, and not clash with it.

Don’t over-accessorize. If your outfit is already bold and making a statement, you can choose to tone it down on your accessories and wear a simple band. It is simple, elegant, and formal without looking too over-accessorized.

Make a statement with your rings. During formal events, you can also wear a simple outfit and let your women’s fashion rings make the statement. Cocktail rings can be worn alone since it is already bold and colorful enough.


Tips on Stacking Women’s Fashion Rings


Stack rings that are made of the same metal, but use rings of different sizes and shapes to avoid monotony.

A single row of featherweight bands across your fingers adds a feminine touch to your stacking.

Stack rings with different charms and small rhinestones.

Small and delicate ring can be stacked on top of each other to make them look like one big ring.

Place your ring at varying heights, in different stacks to achieve an edgier look.

Rings with chains need no more accompaniment – the accessory itself is already rocker chic.

Try wearing connector rings: women’s fashion rings that have two or more adjacent ring holes with just one charm.

Stack your rings just like you would stack your bracelets, but make sure that they complement each other!

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